Fabulous Dynamic Chinese Food.

Chinese food culture has a long history. It is a significant part of the Chinese traditions and culture. Since long time ago when our ancients used fire to roast raw meet and start to cook, the river of food cultural runs a long course until today. And it also caused a dynamic food culture in terms of geography. Different regions may have their own cousins and habits.

For example, The northern part and southern part of China are two approximate regions. However, in spite that each has its own merits in cultural aspect, the southern cousins are more popular.


If outline the most popular cousins in China, it can separated into  8 major styles, as the map shows. And the map suggesting that among these 8 major cousins, only two are in northern part.

Southern cousins are popular for the taste and nutritive value. Firstly, there are lots of ingredients are available in south China, including different kinks of vegetable, fishes and food materials in terms of geographic advantages. secondarily, the locals are regional stereotypes, so people in south of China prefer cook in a healthy ways to maintain the nutrition inside the food.

Thus, the differentiation is a board area to discover. That is also the reason why I began my journey from here. Check my other blogs to find out more interesting things from southern food culture in China.


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