Healthy Cooking Style

In southern part of China, lost of cooking methods are used. And the most popular cooking style are stir-frying and steaming and some other methods including simmering soups. Southern people seek for convenient and healthy ways to cook their food.

Stir-frying timg (2)

 “Chao” in Chinese means Stir frying, it is one of the cooking technics which is being used by Chinese people since long time ago and now worldly used in different cuisines. Stir frying is to stir and fry the ingredient in the wok with a little hot oil. The cooking process is easy, for example, cooking a king prawn with mix vegetable as the picture shows. Firstly, prepare the ingredient (king prawns, broccoli, green and red pepper and few pieces of garlic), chop the vegetable in small pieces, turn of the gas, and put some oil in the wok and wait until it become hot. Secondly, put the prawns first in the wok, then some vegetables later to stir and fry until it is cooked. Final step is to put some salt and oyster sauce.

Therefore, it is considered a healthy way of cooking due to the stir fried dishes usually consists of vegetable, meet and fish which helps to moderate the nutrition. Moreover, as only a small amount of oil is needed in stir frying, the food will not be in high calorie and oily for eating.



Steaming is a cooking style which is using steam to hit the food.  It is the process of using a particular steamer or a wok, separate the water and the ingredients, boil the water to make it vaporise into steam in order to cook the food. In southern cuisines, people recommended steaming due to it can maintain the authentic taste of the food and keep the nutritions.

And especially, it is popular to steam the whole fish. The features are, firstly, different from normal cooking with directly boiling, frying or barbecuing, it relies on the hot stream directly contacting the ingredient and cooking the food. In which way the taste of the dish will be more smooth. And while steaming with a sealed cover, the nutrition of the food will not leach away in the air or water. Furthermore, it keeps the food in whole shape because it is no need to stir the food or turn it over. And lastly, steaming can avoid overcooking and burning the food while cooking.

Simmering Soup


Different from stewing, simmering is a cooking method which the ingredients are cooked in the boiled water just in the boiling point, which means once the soup is boiled, the heat needs to be reduced just to keep the soup maintain boiled, and the time always need for approximately 1 hour or more. The essential suppose of the cooking techeque is to let the food nutrition leach to the nutrition into the soup, for instance, the ribs soup, which cooked with carrot and mushrooms are always considered containing calcium and vitamin in the soup. And drinking the soup will help to uptake those nutrition in human bodies. In southern cuisines, especially in Guangdong, soups are frequently served in the table for mains and it is believed that drinking chicken and rib soup are good for health.


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